Bridgestone Tour B330-S
Schecter Lee
Thursday, October 14, 2010

The company's new B330 and B330-s are longer and stronger—and they feel better, too.\n

What do Tour pros Fred Couples, Matt Kuchar and Brandt Snedeker have in common? They're all currently playing Bridgestone B330 series golf balls. The company has redesigned both the B330 and B330-S to provide golfers with more distance, better wind performance and improved feel, thanks to a softer, seamless urethane cover.

Though the B330 and B330-S are similar in many ways, the two models do have differences that help make them appropriate for a variety of swing speeds and performance requirements. Typically, those golfers who have higher clubhead speeds (105+ mph) and want maximum distance with reduced spin should opt for the B330, while those who want a bit more spin, workability, and a softer feel should choose the B330-S.

Both ball models feature a new 4-piece design with two mantle layers (a medium-firm inner layer and a firmer outer layer) as well as a high-tech core that's soft in the center and firmer on the outside. Lastly, a new dimple design on the B330-S helps promote a slightly lower shot trajectory. $43 per dozen.

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