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Sunday, January 03, 2010

From Golf Magazine (Buyer's Guide, May 2009)

It's for: All skill levels

Hideo Shimazaki, Club designer: "We want to give the consumer the ability to have fun with irons. A lot of mid-handicappers want to play a set of blades. They prefer that traditional look, so we want to make something that flows and matches well. We give them the ability to mix from the J36 Pocket Cavity to J36 Cavity Back to J36 Blade irons. With J36 Combo, they can play a high-handicap club, a mid-handicap club and low-handicap club all in one set."

How it works: You get a nice soft feel from these 1020 mild carbon steel forgings. The "stock" set goes as follows: J36 Pocket Cavity (3-5) long irons provide plenty of forgiveness, J36 Cavity Back (6-8) mid irons seamlessly blend the long and short irons, while the J36 Blade short irons (9-iron to PW) give a high degree of control. J36 Combos have a tapered sole that let you get in and out of a variety of lies.

$799, steel

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