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Nike One Tour D golf ball
Schecter Lee

Our readers were fit using the Nike IFS (Intelligent Fitting System) launch monitor. Nike fitters use this technology (in conjunction with club fitting) to conduct ball fittings in 70-plus locations across the country. Go to and click "360 custom fitting" for location information.

How Nike's Ball Fitting System Works
1 The player hits five to 10 balls using his own driver and a "Nike 360" control ball. The company's proprietary IFS launch monitor records ball speed, launch angle and backspin rate. The "Nike 360" ball is used exclusively for Nike club and ball fittings. It is not sold at retail.

2 The fitter examines the player's specs (ball speed, launch angle and backspin) to determine the general type of ball to play.

3 The player answers a series of questions about his game, personal preferences, etc. This allows the Nike fitter to pinpoint an exact model for the player's needs.

Rick Stevens
Current ball: Multilayer urethane cover
Age: 50 Handicap: 1
Height: 5'11" Weight: 180 lbs.
Occupation: Construction co. president
Residence: Suwanee, GA New ball: Nike One Tour D

Rock Ishii, Nike Golf Product Development Director, Golf Balls: "Rick has a relatively high ball speed (150 to 160 mph) for an amateur, and his spin rate off the tee hovers around 3,000 rpm. This is about optimal for his launch angle and ball speed (see Zone 1). He also has a hard, steep swing with his irons. Rick says that his steep swing also affects his wedge game, giving him too much spin on short approaches."

Rock's recommendation: "The One Tour D should complement Rick's game by giving him max distance and reducing wedge spin. He'll still have plenty of stopping ability without the fear of coming up short or rolling off the green. The 3-piece construction and harder cover give a nice firm feel on chips and putts, which Rick prefers."

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