Adams Insight XTD Hybrid-Fairway wood
Schecter Lee
By Rob Sauerhaft
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This cool stick starts with a squarish head shape to redistribute mass and increase inertia without affecting the center of gravity. From there, Adams integrates key design elements from current hybrid and fairway-wood models. Hybrid-like features such as longer blade length, less face progression and reduced sole contact with turf are morphed with fairway wood-like shaft length, head size and COR. The net effect is improved forgiveness, distance and consistency versus competitors' fairway woods.

Company testing reveals increased MOI numbers (4 percent higher than oversize fairway woods; 41 percent higher than standard size). The Hybrid-Fairway wood also generates faster ball speed (up to 2 percent more) and less spin (19 percent lower than oversize; 4 percent lower than standard size). These launch conditions produce longer shots than oversize (by 11 yards) and standard size (by 8 yards) fairway woods.

XTD Pro - $219, graphite
XTD a3 - $169, graphite
XTD a3OS - $169, graphite

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