Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons

Photo: Schecter Lee

Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons

From GOLF Magazine (July, 2012)
Designed for: 5- to 18-handicappers
Price: $799, steel (4-GW); $999, graphite (4-GW)
These forged game-improvement sticks retain some features from the Idea Black CB2—8620 carbon steel construction and plated black PVD finish—but get an upgrade in forgiveness. Wider-sole long irons (4-6) and a deeper, larger cavity increase the club’s perimeter weighting. More heel relief in the sole of the short irons makes the clubs easier to maneuver and control in difficult lies. The shaft lengths vary by 5/8" per club throughout the set, rather than the typical 1/2” spacing.

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