Monday, April 19, 2010

Adams-Idea-ProBlackIrons-CB1_450x600 For years, Adams Golf has quietly been making hybrid clubs enjoyed by some of golf's best players. Anthony Kim, Vijay Singh, and Jim Furyk, as well as other top pros, have all used one in recent years.
Now, with the release of the Idea Pro Black CB1s, Adams is hoping that accomplished players will also consider its irons, too.
Forged from 8620 carbon steel, the Pro Black CB1 irons have subtle perimeter weighting, but a thin topline and sole, which should be pleasing to the eye for golfers who like to shape the ball.
In a release, Chip Brewer, CEO and President of Adams Golf, said:

"Originally developed exclusively for our professional staff players like Tom Watson, the overwhelmingly positive comments about the feel and performance of the CB1s from the tour inevitably led us to make this set an integral part of the successful Idea family of irons. This stealth-looking set has already received high marks from golf enthusiasts plugged into the online community so we look forward to bringing the CB1s to low-handicap golfers everywhere who appreciate the control and workability of this forged set of irons."
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