Wednesday, November 25, 2009

After viewing the latest tweets and blogs from a pair of extreme golfers playing at the world’s highest golf course (10,800 feet) in Bolivia, we gotta say we really like the idea of playing a 7 iron off the tee on a 217-yard par three. In the ultra-thin air of the Bolivian Andes, the ball carries an extra 30-40 yards, according to the golfers, Josh Sullivan and Lindsay Knowlton, who are traveling the world for Adidas, testing their equipment in harsh golf environments. This is almost like golfing on the moon. Can we make the La Paz Golf Club our home course? Any place you can hit a 7 iron like that is our idea of golfing heaven.
Meanwhile, it was raining and hailing the morning the two TaylorMade-adidas players went out, but, in case there were any doubt whatsoever concerning their Adidas equipment in such extreme conditions, they had no problem.  Their ClimaProof Provisional rain gear and Tour 360 shoes left both body and spirit undampened. You can see for yourself in this amusing little videos they have posted. josh and Lindsay will be are continuously blogging about their adventures at  and here on, as well as filing Twitter  and Facebook  updates. — Woody Hochswender

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