Monday, May 18, 2009

United Sports Technologies, better known in the golf world as UST, is set to release a new family of wood shafts, the Proforce AXIVCore SeriesThe shafts feature four different types of high-modulus graphite fibers in the butt section which are woven together in different directions to create a strong, stable feel. There will be three different shafts in the AXIVCore family: Blue, Tour Black and Tour Red. From a distance, it will be tough to tell the shafts apart—you need to look at the fine type inside the silver area on the shaft. Click on the photos if your eye sight isn't 20/20.AxivCoreBlu Blue – Designed for players who want more feel and added spin to maximize carry distance. Available in 59-, 69-, 79-gram versions for about $90. AxivCoreBlk Tour Black – For faster-swinging players who need a high launch, low spin shaft to maximize distance off the tee. Available in 59-, 69-, 79-, 89-gram versions for about $140.AxivCoreRed Tour Red – For players who already generate a lot of ball speed, but want a lower, more-penetrating launch angle with less spin off the tee. The Tour Red has a stiffer tip to a lower ball flight, less spin and a firmer feel. Available in 69-, 79-, 89-grams versions (Stiff and X Stiff only) for about $140.Stay in the know by following David Dusek on Twitter.

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