Bear's Best is proof that even scenery comes at a price in Sin City.
Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bear's Best
Las Vegas, Nevada
7,194 yards, par 72;
Green fees: $225-$275

\nDrop a few bucks on the boys at the bag drop, and a few more on the guys who clean your clubs. Service is spot-on, with strings attached. In a city of big spenders, the expectation is that you'll act like one.

\nLike most resort courses, the pace is sluggish in peak season. You'll get around in 4:30 if you're lucky. Your best bet at Bear's Best is to sneak out early, when other tourists are still chasing their losses.

\nThough the course is composed of replica holes from other Nicklaus designs, the flow feels natural. One complaint: the front-nine is overly punishing, while the back nine opens with four relatively powder-puff holes.

\nKudos to management for doing away with its pricey forecaddie program. Still, although conditions are impeccable, the overall experience is overpriced, just like almost everything else in town.

\nIf you're on the fence, here's a suggestion: Take that $275 and lay it on a single hand of blackjack. If you lose, tell your wife that you lost your wallet. If you win, play Shadow Creek instead.

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