President Obama will play golf with Speaker John Boehner Saturday.
Hugh Gentry/Reuters
Friday, June 17, 2011

The White House says President Barack Obama's golf outing Saturday with Republican House Speaker John Boehner is a good way for the leaders to get together in a relaxed setting.

\nPresidential spokesman Jay Carney says he anticipates that Obama and Boehner will find time to discuss important issues such as budget negotiations.

\nBut the outing is mostly about giving them a chance to socialize. Carney says that gives it "great value beyond the game."

\nCarney isn't saying whether the White House will disclose what the golfers shot on their round. The Ohio lawmaker is known to be a much better golfer than Obama.

\nCarney says reporters and photographers will get a chance to see something of the action. The White House hasn't said what course they'll play.


According to NBC, Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio will round out the foursome.

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