Rickie Fowler: My Free-Swing Setup

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The big key to trusting your swing is your address. Most golfers worry more about how they move the club than how they set up to move it, and that's wrong. When you nail your address and, more important, get into your good address position on every swing, your consistency and power numbers soar off the charts. My Setup I know my setup is solid and I can start my swing with confidence when ... (Picture above)
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Eye the Prize One of my bad tendencies is allowing my hips and shoulders to get open at address. I see a lot of amateurs do this, too. This is a critical mistake, since your body will always swing in the direction it's pointed, not in the direction you think it's pointed or where you've aimed the clubface. I use alignment sticks all the time when I practice, and I have my caddie, Joe Skavron, check my body aim when we're at the range. If I know I'm aimed correctly, I can start the club back with confidence.