Look who’s back: Apparently the #SB2K crew is having a blast in Mexico

December 13, 2017

Welcome to the PGA Tour offseason, which is technically in-season but during a time when the schedule takes a break. And it looks like Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Smylie Kaufman and Co. are enjoying their time off. Hey, it’s not #SB2K season, but everyone needs a winter getaway, and it looks like the crew is enjoying Cabo San Lucas.

Kaufman posted a video to his Snapchat of Thomas teeing off in a John Stockton jersey and offered some commentary as well.

“We got John Stockton here … the 11th hole … still gonna send it!” he said.

“That might have to sit down,” Spieth added.

Who knows how long the crew is hanging out south of the border, but we’ll keep an eye out on their shenanigans.