Watch: U.S. Solheim Cupper Angel Yin finally (and hilariously) reunited with her lost clubs

September 11, 2019
Angel Yin is reunited with her lost golf clubs at 2019 Solheim Cup

U.S. Solheim Cup member Angel Yin has had quite the saga this week in Scotland. After her airline lost her clubs on Sunday, Yin was finally reunited with them Tuesday night in front of her entire team, and the hilarious moment was caught on film.

When Yin disembarked from her flight to Scotland on Sunday for this week’s event, she was dismayed to learn that her golf clubs along with another bag did not exit the plane. The airline, Aer Lingus, had misplaced the LPGA pro’s luggage en route to the UK.

Team Europe member Jodi Ewart Shadoff’s clubs also disappeared, but while Shadoff’s clubs were returned Tuesday morning in time for practice, Yin was left waiting. She missed practice Tuesday, instead walking the course club-free while wearing clothing borrowed from teammates.

But on Tuesday night Yin’s long-lost clubs were finally returned. The clubs arrived while Yin was having dinner with her teammates in the U.S. team room at Gleneagles. In a moment caught on video by teammate Morgan Pressel, a smiling Yin embraced the man who delivered the clubs, then lifted her golf travel bag into the sky while being showered with applause from her teammates.

Check out the moment below.

With her golf clubs finally in her possession, Yin will be able to test out her swing and the PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles for two days. That should give her plenty of time to ready herself for the first day of competition, which kicks off Friday morning in Scotland.

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