One airline loses two Solheim Cup players’ clubs en route to this week’s event

September 9, 2019
Solheim Cup player Jodi Ewart Shadoff in 2017

The 2019 Solheim Cup begins on Friday, and that’s good news for both teams. If the competition started today, one player on each team would be without their clubs.

That’s because when both players landed in Scotland for the biennial team event pitting the U.S. against Europe, they got off their respective planes, but their clubs did not.

One of the unfortunate golfers, Europe’s Jodi Ewart Shadoff, posted the following photo of her empty Solheim Cup golf bag, proving she was still in a joking mood, despite the predicament she’s been put in.

Making matters worse (or at least much more frustrating) is the fact that Shadoff worried her clubs hadn’t made it onto her connecting flight, but airline staff promised her that they would be loaded onto the aircraft.

Shadoff’s husband Adam confirmed that detail to Golf Digest, “She looked out the window in Dublin and saw that her golf clubs weren’t getting loaded onto the plane. She told the flight attendant and they assured her that they’d be loaded.”

The airline in question is Aer Lingus, which flew the Shadoffs from Dublin, Ireland, to Scotland, for the tournament.

But Shadoff’s aren’t the only golf clubs that Aer Lingus lost this weekend. U.S. Solheim Cup player Angel Yin also had her clubs disappear during her Aer Lingus flight to Scotland, along with a second bag she had with her. So far, and with just three practice days left before the event begins, neither player has received their lost clubs, though Yin did get her other bag returned safely to her.

Pro golfers losing golf clubs on airplanes is quite common, with several incidents occurring each year across the major tours. If you don’t want to find yourself in the same position while on vacation, follow our tips to traveling with golf clubs.

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