The simplest way to guarantee you have the perfect putting setup

September 9, 2019

Recreational players tend to gloss over some of golf’s fundamentals — but remember, they’re fundamentals for a reason. Here’s a five-second fix that may cure what ails your putting setup and get you on the road to solid stance and alignment.

Copy the perfect fundamentals on the left to achieve the result on the right!


The main goal when establishing a putting stance is to find something that makes you feel relaxed and coordinated. For many golfers, starting with a fairly conventional putting setup and then making alterations based on what you find most comfortable is a good strategy.

There are four tenets of a standard putting setup:

1) Eyes over the ball

2) Hands under the shoulders

3) Hips over the heels

4) Right arm lined up with the shaft

That’s it! It’s a simple formula for a solid stance, which you can then adjust based on preferences. Nail these first. Despite the need to make your setup your own, solid fundamentals never go out of style.

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