• Long Live The Links!
    Hoylake may look dull, but links courses like Royal Liverpool offer a better form of golfGetty Images
    Royal Liverpool Golf Club, host of the fast-approaching Open Championship, may not be the most beautiful course, but its links offer a better form of golf, writes Michael Bamberger. Just ask Tiger Woods. Full Story»
  • Travelin' Joe's Dream Links
    Travelin' Joe's Dream LinksLarry Lambrecht
    The lure of links golf first summoned Joe Passov in 1992, when he traveled to Scotland to cover the Solheim Cup. After 22 years of flapping flagsticks and attempted knock-down shots at places like Ballybunion, here are his all-time favorite links experiences. Photo Gallery»
  • How To Escape A Pot Bunker
    Links Golf Tip: How to Escape a Pot Bunker
    As if links courses weren't tough enough, they're often riddled with pot bunkers. Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs tells you all you need to know when facing a steep shot to escape the sand and get back on the fairway. Go to Video»


ClubTest: 27 Iron Reviews
ClubTest: 27 Iron Reviews
Our band of 40 ClubTesters critiqued 27 new iron models, ranging from Tour-ready sticks to irons designed for high-handicappers.
ClubTest 2014: 23 New Drivers
ClubTest 2014: 23 New Drivers
Golf Magazine's ClubTest 2014 has arrived. Powering our ClubTest are 40 average Joes, who tested and critiqued 23 top new drivers. Read the reviews.


Ask A Harmon: Two Ways To Wedge It Tight
Wedge It Tight
Scare the hole from any yardage using these two distance-control tips from Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers Bill and Craig Harmon.
Better By Saturday: A Simple Fix For Straighter Shots
Take Dead Aim
Missing left and right with good swings? Shoot straighter with this simple alignment tip from Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel.

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Travelin' Joe's Bucket List
Travelin' Joe's Bucket List
Travelin' Joe Passov has played more than 1,700 golf courses around the world, but believe it or not, there are a couple of Top 100 tracks that have eluded him over the years.
The Best 19th Holes in Golf
The Best 19th Holes in Golf
Where are the best places to unwind after a round? Travelin' Joe Passov says a couple of Top 100 courses also boast the best 19th holes in the game.
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