• What's in G-Mac's Bag?
    What's in G-Mac's Bag?
    Graeme McDowell week on Golf.com continues with a guided tour of his bag from the man himself. See the Srixon driver G-Mac helped develop, his Cleveland wedges and the putter he's used to lead the PGA Tour in strokes gained on the green. Watch Video»
  • '94 Tiger Would Hit It 30 Yards Past Bubba
    Tiger Woods of 1994 would hit it 30 yards past Bubba Watson, says Johnny Miller
    A young Tiger Woods with today's modern equipment would be scary long, writes Golf Magazine contributor Johnny Miller. Johnny also examines the evolution of Tiger's swing and explains how you can use his inside-out practice move to hit high fades. Full Story»
  • Graeme McDowell's Surprise Putting Fix
    G-Mac Surprises Amateur with an Impromptu Lesson on the Putting Green
    It's G-Mac Week on Golf.com and each day Graeme is offering impromptu stroke-saving tips to regular golfers. Here McDowell gives Jim Elliott two ways to improve his putting stroke - watch them pay off immediately! Watch Video»


ClubTest: 27 Iron Reviews
ClubTest: 27 Iron Reviews
Our band of 40 ClubTesters critiqued 27 new iron models, ranging from Tour-ready sticks to irons designed for high-handicappers.
ClubTest 2014: 23 New Drivers
ClubTest 2014: 23 New Drivers
Golf Magazine's ClubTest 2014 has arrived. Powering our ClubTest are 40 average Joes, who tested and critiqued 23 top new drivers. Read the reviews.


Hit Perfect Pitches from Any Lie
Perfect Pitches from Any Lie
Align the leading edge of your wedge with your spine for crisp contact and distance control with this tip from Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs.
Roll It Pure With The Eye-Dropper
Roll It Pure
Use this easy drill to learn exactly where to play the ball in your stance and catch every putt clean, as demonstrated by Top 100 Teacher Marius Filmalter.

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Travelin' Joe's Bucket List
Travelin' Joe's Bucket List
Travelin' Joe Passov has played more than 1,700 golf courses around the world, but believe it or not, there are a couple of Top 100 tracks that have eluded him over the years.
The Best 19th Holes in Golf
The Best 19th Holes in Golf
Where are the best places to unwind after a round? Travelin' Joe Passov says a couple of Top 100 courses also boast the best 19th holes in the game.
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