• Coming Out Swinging
    Tiger WoodsDavid Walberg/SI
    Tiger Woods jump-started his return to golf -- expected Dec. 3 -- by condemning a golf writer and hiring a new swing coach. Our roundtable takes on Tiger, the LPGA's 'Groundhog Day' playoff and Donald Trump's plan to change Turnberry. Full Story»
  • Off The Hook
    This Week's Heroes? Stacy Lewis, Sean Foley and Dan Jenkins. Zeros? Jordan Spieth and the Golfer-in-ChiefGetty Images
    With Saturday's announcement that Tiger Woods has hired Chris Como as his new swing coach, Sean Foley -- the most second-guessed man in golf -- is finally out of the crosshairs, writes Alan Shipnuck in this week's Heroes & Zeros. Full Story»
  • 3 Tips From Tiger's Teacher
    Chris Como: 3 Things You Can Learn from Tiger's New InstructorAngus Murray
    Chris Como, Tiger Woods' latest swing instructor, is a student of biomechanics, and he's able to translate those scientific concepts into tips every golfer can use. Here are three things you can learn from Tiger's new teacher. Full Story»


New Golf Clubs For 2015
New Golf Clubs For 2015
Check out all the new clubs unveiled so far this year from the major manufacturers and start deciding what you want in your bag in 2015.
ClubTest 2014: 23 New Drivers
ClubTest 2014: 23 New Drivers
Golf Magazine's ClubTest 2014 has arrived. Powering our ClubTest are 40 average Joes, who tested and critiqued 23 top new drivers. Read the reviews.


Dave Pelz: Groove 6-Footers With The Clock Drill
Automatic From 6 Feet
Master the art of sinking crucial putts -- and have some fun -- with the clock drill from short game guru Dave Pelz.
Slice-Proof Your Swing
Slice-Proof Your Swing
Hit it straighter by getting your right elbow on your right hip and banish the banana ball forever, as demonstrated by Top 100 Teacher Krista Dunton.

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Top 100 Courses You Can Play 2014
Top 100 Courses You Can Play
In a photo finish, Pacific Dunes in Bandon, Ore., claims the top spot over Pebble Beach in our biennial Top 100 You Can Play ranking of America's best public-access courses.
Bargain Courses in the Top 100 You Can Play
Best Bargains In The Top 100
Some of our favorite public tracks might be accessible but not exactly affordable. We did some bargain-hunting and found the best courses that give you the most bang for your buck.
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