Here’s how to take a weekend buddies trip to Pasatiempo for just over $1K per person

October 4, 2019

If you like playing golf in warm weather, the time is coming when your options start to become a bit limited — especially if you live in the northeast — and unfortunately, the options stay limited until March or April. But the good news is there are plenty areas around the country where you can escape for a quick weekend of warmth and sunshine.

Santa Cruz, Calif. is one of those places. With temperatures that range from the mid-60s to the low 70s throughout October and November, the fall is a fantastic time to visit this beautiful coastal area — and play one of its crown jewel courses, Pasatiempo.

Here’s how you can check off a bucket-list course with three of your buddies for just over $1K per person.

AIRFARE: ~$275

At only 30 miles away from Pasatiempo, San Jose airport is your best bet, and there are several airlines that offer nonstop flights from the east coast. At only $239, Alaska Airlines has a smokin’ deal from JFK, while JetBlue will get you there from Boston for $294 and United goes direct from O’Hare for $310 (all prices via Kayak).

Total airfare: ~$275 each, $1,100 total


You’ll want a full-size SUV in order to accommodate you, your buddies, and all your golf bags and luggage, and you can get a Nissan Armada or similar from Dollar for $210 (price via Kayak) — that’s only $52.50 per person. Score!

TOTAL SPEND: $1,100 + $210 = $1,310

The Hilton Santa Cruz - Scotts Valley is a good value option, and it's only 10 minutes from Pasatiempo.


A room with two beds at the Hilton Santa Cruz – Scotts Valley can be had for $150/night, for a total of $508 for three nights with taxes and fees. So that’s only $1,016 for the gang, and $254 each.

The best part? It’s less than 10 minutes from Pasatiempo.

TOTAL SPEND: $1,310 + $1,016 = $2,326

Pasatiempo's gorgeous Alister MacKenzie greens need to be seen in person.
Rob Babcock


Here’s where things get just a little bit pricier. Pasatiempo is a bucket-list course, No. 13 on GOLF’s ranking of the Top 100 Courses You Can Play, and it has a green fee to match: $275. But hey, checking this baby off your list is what you came for.

For a fun (and more affordable) second-day option, Delaveaga Golf Course is a popular choice, with high ratings online and a $64 weekend rate.

Total green fees: $1,356

TOTAL SPEND: $2,326 + $1,356 = $3,682

DINING: $190

As with all buddies trips, you can go really lowbrow here and Chipotle your way through the weekend to save some money, or you can do that one or two days and splurge on another one or two. I like the latter option! Make sure you do a little booze buy before check-in, though — that will help save some serious dough.

$100 booze buy-in

Night 1 budget dinner: $100

Day 2 golf course lunch: $60

Night 2 splurge dinner: $200

Day 3 golf course lunch: $50

Night 3 reasonable dinner: $150

Miscellaneous breakfasts and snacks: $100

Total dining spend: $760 ($190 each)

TOTAL SPEND: $3,682 + $760 = $4,442/4 = $1,110.50

And there you have it! An ultra-fun buddies golf weekend in Santa Cruz for just over $1K per person! Ready to book? Happy travels!

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