Phil Mickelson reveals new details on Tiger match: ‘It allows us to be a little bit more real’

August 23, 2018

Where will you be on Friday, November 23rd? On the couch with a leftover turkey sandwich? Glued to the TV for the match between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods?

Mickelson met with reporters Wednesday and revealed a little new info about how the event will play out. According to, the typical 1-on-1 match-play format will not be the only competition. Mickelson discussed “in-play” games you might typically find with your foursome in an outing — closest to the pin, longest drive, etc. [Woods averages about five more yards off the tee, for what it’s worth.]

Viewers will be able to check out the match via Turner Sports in a pay-per-view setting, in which the players and caddies will be mic’d up to add commentary and context. “It allows us to be a little bit more real, if you will,” Mickelson said Wednesday. “We think there will be some pretty good interest, but we’re also trying to present it in a way that you don’t get to see with normal TV.”

Mickelson said that the on-site experience will also be fan-friendly (as much as is feasible), noting that the typically strict inside- and outside-the-ropes dynamic could be dropped (or lessened) at Shadow Creek. In all, the event has the potential of a great experience, both for those watching at home and those lucky enough to be there in person.