Amanda Balionis on her most unforgettable fashion blunder

January 10, 2018

As the newest member of the CBS Sports announcing crew, Amanda Balionis is quickly becoming a familiar face in the golf world. Her star continues to rise in the February issue of GOLF, where she has one been named one of Golf’s Most Stylish People.

Balionis has her fashion together today, but in the issue she admits that wasn’t always the case. She described one of her biggest style blunders from a previous job.

“When I started with in 2011, it was the first time I ever really had to style myself and do my own hair and makeup,” Balionis said. “Rugby shirts were really in then, and I had this thick, wraparound rugby polo. I wore it on camera one time, and my mom called me. It’s the only time she’s ever done this. She said, “Donate that shirt. I never want to see it on you again.” I went back and looked at it and thought, Oh yeah, that was bad.”

Balionis has not endured many fashion missteps since then. You can see her full photo gallery here.