Sergio admits all-yellow outfit at 2006 British Open was a mistake

January 10, 2018

GOLF’s Style Issue is on newsstands now, and among our editors’ picks for golf’s most fashion-forward is none other than the reigning Masters champion, Sergio Garcia. In the issue, Garcia was asked about his biggest fashion misstep, and he quickly recounted one of the more infamous sartorial stumbles in major-championship history.

“Obviously, the all-yellow outfit at the 2006 British Open. For that year, I was wearing yellow shirts and red pants, for Spanish colors, but it wasn’t really that popular, so I decided to go all yellow,” Garcia said. “It’s fine, though. We did it, and it got talked about, so at least we got something out of it!”

Garcia has sported Adidas-brand clothing inside the ropes since his teens. He also offered another thought on his style off the course.

“I like tighter fitting jeans and shirts. If it looks good and feels comfortable, that’s the best,” he said.

Garcia will begin the defense of his Masters title on April 5. We don’t expect him to wear canary-yellow.