Web.com pro describes eye-witness account of Las Vegas shooting

October 3, 2017

Details are still emerging from the horrible mass shooting that occurred in the early hours of Oct. 1 at an outdoor country music festival in Las Vegas. As of Tuesday afternoon, 59 are confirmed dead and 527 injured. It’s the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Eye-witness accounts are also beginning to be told, including one from Web.com Tour player A.J. McInerney, who was at the concert with his girlfriend when the shooting began.

“Jake Owen had finished his set and I was with a group of about 20 people, just taking pictures and hanging out,” McInerney told the Global Golf Post. “Jason Aldean is one of my favorites and he came on and played two songs as I remember.

“I was with my girlfriend dancing and all of a sudden our friends heard what sounded like firecrackers behind us. Then someone beside said those aren’t firecrackers and told everyone to get down. Her brother (Anthony) was about five feet away and he jumped toward us.

“Then the shooter unleashed. It was like da-da-da-da-da-da … It just kept going. It lasted about a minute and then it let up. I grabbed my girlfriend and said we need to go. We just started running east (away from the hotel).”

McInerney, who was born and raised in Las Vegas, got lucky. But all around him was a horror scene. Here’s more from the Global Golf Post:

“I saw people to the left and right of me get shot,” McInerney says. “I could hear the bullets hit people. You could see the bullets hitting the ground right beside you. I don’t know what a war zone is like but it felt like we were sitting ducks. … It was a pretty gruesome scene.

“When we hit the ground, we tried to take as much cover as we could. I grabbed my girlfriend and her brother jumped on top of us. We try to protect the people we love. Then you just tried to run. Everyone has to go.

“We were helping people get over these long walls. As I look back on it, as I reflect, there was a kind of caring together. If you saw someone down, you had to help them.”

Just an unspeakable tragedy. If you’d like to donate to victims, hit one of the links here.