European tour pro watched daughter’s birth via FaceTime

September 7, 2017

Say this for Lee Slattery: he married the right woman.

This week the 39-year-old Englishman is competing at the European tour event at Crans-sur-Sierre GC in Switzerland, and when he learned that his wife, Faye, went into labor, Slattery realized his only option would be to pop onto FaceTime to get inside the delivery room.

“Being so far out and such a tricky place to get to, there was no way I could make it back once I found out. So I rushed back to the apartment, and two hours later there was a baby,” he said.

“It was very, very exciting watching it happen. I was quite emotional.”



Slattery took two weeks off to spend time with Faye while waiting for delivery. But when the baby didn’t arrive, he decided to return to the tour this week, in part because he’d been on what he called “a good run of form.” Slattery is coming off three straight top-20 finishes after struggling earlier in the season, and although Faye is not quoted in any of the articles out there, she must be a patient and understanding person. After Slattery finished a practice round, he said that he did his part to initiate the birth.

“We were actually told that you should go for an Indian (meal) and you’ll have the baby so I went for the Indian and the wife had the baby, so it works out really well,” he said with a laugh.

Congrats to Lee and Faye on the birth of their daughter, Penelope. And congrats to Apple Inc. for inventing FaceTime.