The Most Stylish People in Golf: Adam Scott

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When our editorial team first broached the idea of devoting an issue of GOLF to the most stylish men and women in the game, our thoughts immediately turned to the cover: Who'd be our star?
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Turns out, it was an easy question to answer.
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Adam Scott, 37, has been making a fashion name for himself both on and off the course since the beginning of the new millennium.
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He wears his clothes with an air of casual elegance that's admired by both men and women.
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Of course, being tall, dark and handsome also doesn't hurt.
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He is, indeed, the most stylish man in golf.
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Scott's timeless good looks are reminiscent of James Dean, whose iconic photo inspired this issue's cover.
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In 2013, he joined forces with Japanese retailer Uniqlo, marking the first time the brand had ever partnered with a pro golfer.
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Coincidentally - or maybe not - Scott won the Masters during his first week as a Uniqlo global brand ambassador.
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Also taking in the scene was Nike founder Phil Knight, who had recently inked Woods to a large sponsorship deal.
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Following along, and with his namesake emblazoned across her back, was Woods's mother, Tida.