The Most Stylish People in Golf: Amanda Balionis

1 of 12 Jeff Newton, Del Mar, CA, USA
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The endearing newbie on CBS's announcing crew shines as brightly off camera as she does on it, but as Amanda tells it, keeping it chic isn't always a gimme.
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Balionis got her start working as on-camera talent at
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She now works as part of the announcing team for CBS Sports's golf broadcasts.
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Growing up I liked the game, but my passion really came from when I joined the PGA Tour and started to learn the players and storylines.
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Getting to know their personalities, you become really involved in not only the meaning of the tournaments, but how certain wins can change guys' lives, and what these players mean to the game overall.
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Balionis shared with us her most unforgettable fashion faux pas...
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When I started with in 2011, it was the first time I ever really had to style myself and do my own hair and makeup...
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Rugby shirts were really in then, and I had this thick, wraparound rugby polo...
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I wore it on camera one time, and my mom called me. It's the only time she's ever done this...
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She said, 'Donate that shirt. I never want to see it on you again...
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'I went back and looked at it and thought, Oh yeah, that was bad'