The Most Stylish People in Golf: Paige Spiranac

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When the LPGA enforced a stricter code on plunging necklines last year, Paige Spiranac cried foul - and still turned heads with a style that says, well, Game on. It's one she picked up from another flashy pro.
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Paige's style inspiration? Natalie Gulbis.
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When you finish the second round by signing for 66 and with the 36-hole lead, it's all smiles everywhere you go.
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'I like simple, classic pieces that are form-fitting. And it's funny because everyone's always like, 'It's so groundbreaking!' I'm literally wearing leggings and a tank top.'
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Paige used to buy tennis skirts to wear on the course, but now she, and golfers everywhere, have more options.
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'I think style and fashion really does influence people getting into the game.'
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Paige's style is always changing. Why? She gets bored really easily.
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'I like to be comfortable, and I'm more comfortable in leggings.'
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'I don't think there really are any 'don'ts.' Maybe the don't is don't criticize other people for what they are wearing.'
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A style tip from Paige? Do what you want to do.
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