The 26 coolest items from the 2017 U.S. Open merchandise tent

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There's tons to see (and buy!) from this year's U.S. Open merchandise tent at Erin Hills.
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How cute is this little dairy mascot, complete with an Erin Hills tee shirt?
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Add some pizzazz to your bar or kitchen with some Erin-themed signage.
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Nothing like a cold drink at the office or on the course.
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Support two sports at once!
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A fun way to introduce kids to the game.
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This year's graphic tee game is strong at Erin Hills.
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These Green Bay-themed shirts also boast Wisconsin's first U.S. Open.
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Self-explanatory, and bonus points for a cool Erin Hills logo.
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We love the influence of dairy country on this metal collectible sign.
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Hand-crafted in the state, these pottery items are a truly unique keepsake.
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Always a great souvenir, these Erin Hills flags are instant classics.
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These stone coasters will keep rings off your table AND give it a nice accent.
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We can't get enough of this state's homage to the U.S. Open's first visit here.
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Keep warm with these flannel Erin Hills throws.
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Give your bag a stroke of luck with these clover-printed towels.
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Who doesn't want to drink a cup of coffee or tea from these stylish containers?
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This collector's item will be the envy of every man cave.
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These intricate metal souvenirs, like this ball marker and bottle opener, will stand the test of time.
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If you're not wearing green and yellow, you're likely in Wisconsin Badgers garb!
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These wooden holders could make a unique home for bills, utensils and more.
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Bring this little bit of luck to your golf bag with various sizes of headcovers.
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These bag tags will make yours the envy of your foursome, and can even be personalized onsite.
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Everyone in your foursome will know which ball is yours when you put down one of these markers.
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Why go with a regular U.S. Open logo when you can wear a cow on your head?
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One of our favorite looks? Camo on the golf course, understated.
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And for those rainy days (like the ones expected this week), here's a stylish way to keep dry.