Jason Day: USGA ‘probably should have enforced a different outcome for Phil’

June 19, 2018

Jason Day didn’t get the chance to play Shinnecock over the weekend after shooting 79-73 to miss the cut, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t watching the action over the final two rounds.

The current World No. 9 told Golf Channel he was disappointed with what he saw on Saturday, and the USGA is to blame.

“Saturday was a total, it was like two different golf courses, practically, on the greens Saturday versus Sunday,” Day said. “I just wish they would leave it alone and just let it go. Not saying to let the greens go and let them dry out and make it unfair, I’m just saying plan accordingly and hopefully whatever the score finishes, it finishes, whether it’s under par or over par.”

Course conditions aside, Day also believes the USGA missed an opportunity to disqualify Phil Mickelson, who escaped with a two-shot penalty after hitting a moving ball on the 13th green during the third round. 

“It’s obviously disappointing to see what Phil did,” Day continued. “It’s just unfortunate that it happened at the USGA’s tournament, where they enforce the rules, like the R&A. And I think they may have, they probably should have enforced a different outcome for Phil. But it is what it is. It’s done. It’s just disappointing that that is overshadowing the winner of the whole week. I think if they had it back again, they may have chosen a different outcome.”