South Dakota teen self-reports scorecard mistake, forfeits individual, team titles at state tournament

June 6, 2018

South Dakota high schooler Kate Wynja had a crucial decision to make when she realized she signed an incorrect scorecard at the South Dakota state tournament this week. 

According to the Argus Leader, Wynja realized she had marked a 4 down on the 18th hole instead of a 5, which she made. Sounds like a typical scorecard mistake, right? Well, Wynja had finished in first place, so she would have to forfeit her score and her title. Not only that, her team would not be able to use her score for the team competition, which Sioux Falls Cristian also won. 

“I knew I needed to tell them. It was really sad, mostly because I knew what the result would be,” Wynja said. “I knew that I would be disqualified and it broke my heart for the team. But I knew I couldn’t leave without saying something.” This would have been Wynja’s second straight individual state title. When the team was forced to sacrafice Wynja’s score, they were bumped off the top spot into second place. 

“I have so much respect for Kate to come up and do that,” one of the tournament directors, Dan Swartos, said. “I cannot say enough for that young lady and how much integrity that took, and how proud I am to have kids like that in South Dakota.”