Sick of the pace of play on Tour? Check out the Shot Clock Masters

June 6, 2018

Sick of the pace of play on the PGA Tour? You’re not alone, but this week you’ll have a quicker option on your TV: the Shot Clock Masters.

The European tour debuts its next innovation this week by timing every shot of the tournament with a shot clock and battling slow play by assessing penalty strokes if a player fails to play within the allotted time. Players will be given 40 seconds to tee off on par 4s and par 5s. If they are first to play an approach shot, chip or putt into a green, they will be given 50 seconds. If they are not first, though, they will be given just 40 seconds. Fail to hit within the time constraint and a single stroke will be added to their score.

Various clock carts will be driven around with each group to keep players aware of their standing. Twice during a round players will be allowed to ask for a time extension on a given shot, granting them an additional 40 seconds to play.

How will it play out? Well, you’ll just have to slow down and watch.