WATCH: Volcanic eruption engulfs PGA Tour site in Guatemala

June 4, 2018

In Guatemala, the deadly “Volcan de Fuego,” or “volcano of fire,” erupted just before noon on Sunday, covering the surrounding area in volcanic ash. Smoke from the eruption engulfed towns and cities for miles around, reaching as far as the capital, Guatemala City, 30 miles away. More than 3,000 people were evacuated and the country’s president declared a national state of emergency. 

One particularly striking video of the eruption came from La Reunion Golf Resort and Residences, which was evacuated of guests and staff, according to a tweet that embedded the video. The course at Le Reunion is a stop on the PGA Tour Latinoamerica circuit. 

The resort’s website advertises its proximity to Volcan de Fuego, declaring that it’s “nestled in the shadow of four majestic volcanoes.” The eruption in question happened roughly six miles from the course. You can see more images below of the course in the aftermath of the volcano.

Rescue efforts were underway Monday, and at least 25 people were confirmed dead in the catastrophic eruption, though more were missing.