WATCH: Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar’s slap-in-the-face birdie celebration

April 28, 2018

One of the most interesting teams at this week’s Zurich Classic is Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar. While they may seem like very different people at first glance, the two veterans are two of the biggest jokesters on the PGA Tour, and they match up well.

So far the pairing has worked out tremendously, both because of their solid play and their truly unique and bizarre birdie celebration: a slap in the face.

You read that right. For some reason, Bubba and Kooch decided the best way to congratulate each other after a birdie was a light slap on the cheek and a finger pointed in their face. So if Bubba makes a birdie, Bubba gets slapped. If Kuchar drops a bird, Bubba gets to do the honors.

You can check out a supercut of the celebratory slaps below.

Kuchar did shed some light on why exactly they agreed to do this, in his own comical way, of course: “Everybody’s got some sort of handshake and I figured this was a good opportunity for me to slap Bubba in the face.”

But it could be worse. According to Watson, “If we ever make an eagle it’s a double-slap, but we haven’t made an eagle yet.”