English golf club plans ‘aggressive campaign’ to shoot dozens of Canadian geese

February 5, 2018

England’s West Essex Golf Club — located roughly 15 miles northeast of London — is taking extreme measures to rid the course of its seasonal Canada goose population.

In an article posted by the Sun, course secretary Alan Kerby explains that the geese’s presence this year has been “horrendous.” A message was sent to the membership stating that licensed pest control teams would be deployed to mount an “aggressive campaign and try to shoot 3 or 4 [geese] on several evenings.”

British law stipulates that Canada geese can be killed if they are damaging property, as long as it is done humanely.

Members and nearby residents were quoted by the Sun in opposition to the club’s kill order. “I certainly don’t want these birds killed in the name of golf,” one said.

But Kerby insisted that the strategy is common practice. “Most golf courses like us do employ pest control fire arms experts,” he told the Sun“They have all the licenses.”