Brandel Chamblee: “I would have Tiger driving straight in two minutes.”

February 1, 2018

If you had one shot, or one opportunity, to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, with just two minutes, could you fix Tiger Woods’s driving inefficiencies? Brandel Chamblee sure thinks he could.

While you shouldn’t lose yourself in that made-for-TV hypothetical, the Golf Channel analyst is convinced he could help Woods’s driving woes, which amounted to a shockingly low 30% fairways hit last weekend at Torrey Pines.

There’s really nowhere else to go but up for Woods. To Chamblee, that means moving back within the driver swing.

“I’m convinced — honest to god — that if Tiger walked out here tomorrow, I would have Tiger driving the ball straight in two minutes. Two minutes!”

“All he needs to do is move three inches to the right in his backswing. That’s it. It’s game over from there. He can’t mess it up. But he doesn’t. He stays centered, he drops down and turns left. One bleeds into the next, which causes another problem, which causes another problem, which requires another compensation. You’ll never drive it good there. Never, never, ever.”

Chamblee went on to note how Woods can still “putt his rear off” but said he isn’t sold yet on Woods’s chipping abilities. You can check out the conversation in the podcast below, with the Woods conversation starting around the 10:30 mark.