Paige Spiranac reveals her style inspiration (hint: Natalie Gulbis)

January 8, 2018

Some golfers turn heads, and we’re not talking swing mechanics. When the LPGA enforced a stricter code on plunging necklines last year, Paige Spiranac cried foul—and still turned heads with a style that says, well, Game on. It’s one she picked up from another flashy pro. You can see Paige’s full GOLF: Style photoshoot HERE.

“I remember growing up and seeing Natalie Gulbis play in the [2005] U.S. Women’s Open at Cherry Hills. I wasn’t even into golf yet. I was in the stands, and everyone was like, “Oh my gosh, she looks so good.” She was wearing a cute little skirt, a blue top, and she had ribbon in her hair. And I wanted to be that. The next day, I went to the range not even knowing really what golf was, but I wanted to dress like Natalie. She’s been kind of an inspiration to me since, because she’s stuck to what she likes—no matter what anyone says, she’s going to wear what she wants to wear.”

“I like simple, classic pieces that are form-fitting. And it’s funny because everyone’s always like, “it’s so groundbreaking!” I’m literally wearing leggings and a tank top.”