You won’t believe how many pro golfers made $1 million this year

November 14, 2017

Everyone knows that pro golfers make a ridiculously good living. Endorsement deals alone can afford them lavish lifestyles with mansions and sports cars. Inside the ropes, cash is also plentiful; the winner’s share this season surpassed $1 million at all but four official Tour events.

So just how well are the pros making out?

Very, very well.

In fact, 143 male pros on the PGA and European tours made more than $1 million on the course in 2017 (h/t to CNN). To compare it to another individual sport, 49 male tennis pros eclipsed $1 million, according to

Golfers of course have longer career primes than their tennis counterparts. This year on the Champions tour, Bernhard Langer, age 60, earned $3.6 million in prize money, which would rank fourth on the men’s tennis tour.

The story is different for women golfers. Only 16 players on the LPGA Tour crossed the $1 million mark this year, while 37 female tennis players cracked seven figures.