Dustin Johnson: Shot clock on the PGA Tour would lead to ‘a lot’ of penalties

October 25, 2017

The European tour will debut the Shot Clock Masters in Austria next year in hopes of speeding up the pace of play, but will a shot clock come to the PGA Tour anytime soon?

World No. 1 Dustin Johnson is all for it.

“Yeah, absolutely,” he said on Wednesday, prior to the WGC-HSBC Champions in Shanghai, when asked if he would like to see a shot clock on the PGA Tour. “I think it would be very interesting. You’d see a lot of guys getting penalties on our Tour. Yeah, that would be quite fun, actually. I’d have plenty of time but there’s a lot of guys that wouldn’t. They would be getting a penalty on every hole.”

At the Shot Clock Masters, the first golfer to play in each group will have 50 seconds to hit his shot; the other players in the group will receive 40. If shots are not hit within the time limit they will be assessed a one-stroke penalty.

Henrik Stenson was also asked for his opinion on a shot clock on the PGA Tour. He said he didn’t think it would “be much of an issue.”

“I think you can tell that on any golf course around the world on a Saturday morning game, if you have players that are ready to play and hitting and when it’s their turn, it can be very quick,” Stenson said. “But if you have a foursome where the other three are standing around waiting, while one player is doing his hole preparation and execution, then it’s going to be a very slow game. It’s certainly enough time, as long as you are preparing while the others are hitting and getting ready.”