6 teaching tools our Top 100 Teachers can’t get enough of

December 8, 2017

What teaching tool made the greatest impact for you this season?

1. Blast Motion Golf Swing and Stroke Analyzer

“A simple item to put on the end of your putter. Wonderful for tempo and pacing in your putting stroke. Great instant feedback with the iPad or iPhone. It helps you be yourself; to find the tempo and forward stroke that works for you.” —Krista Dunton, Berkeley Hall, Bluffton, S.C.

“Blast Motion is changing my students’ games. I’m using it personally for my putting, and I can’t believe the feedback it provides. It helps a lot beyond what the eye can see. I played in the U.S. Open last year and scored okay, but putted horribly. After getting the Blast, I now understand why. I’ve seen huge progress working with it.” —Brian Mogg, Waldorf Astoria G.C., Orlando, Fla.

2. Focus Band

“It’s very helpful in training golfers to focus with right-brain thinking and quiet eyes—the mindset of playing your best golf.” —Brad Brewer, Shingle Creek Resort, Orlando, Fla.

3. The Anatomy of Greatness

“I learned so much from Brandel Chamblee’s The Anatomy of Greatness. Players of yesteryear played by feel, without launch monitors or videotape of every swing. They had to trust their swings, and I think this made them learn on their own. Brandel’s book gave me insight into this.” —Rick Grayson, Rivercut G.C., Springfield, Mo.

4. Superspeed Golf Training Sticks

“I’ve been using the Superspeed Golf Training Sticks to work out with and to help my students. My older clients love them for stretching and for increasing their swing speed.” —Susie Meyers, Ventana Canyon Golf & Racquet Club, Tucson, Ariz.

5.Perfect Putter

“All ten Tour players we work with love the Perfect Putter. At the highest level, players miss putts either due to line or speed. This teaching aid works to dial in those two things, regardless of the speed or break of the greens. We use it at home and at every event. It’s fantastic.” —Jamie Mulligan, Virginia C.C., Long Beach, Calif.

6. Box Breathing App

“The Box Breathing app. It’s great for stress; great for athletes wanting to perform better; great for using on the range when players get mad; and great to prove to oneself that breathing can change emotional and mental states.” —V.J. Trolio, Old Waverly G.C., West Point, Miss.