MJ sticks up for Tiger: ‘I don’t know if I could have survived in this Twitter time’

October 12, 2017

Michael Jordan won six NBA titles, but he never played during the social media age. In fact, he’s not sure he would have wanted to.

Jordan recently talked about a variety of topics with Marvin R. Shanken for the Cigar Aficionadowhich is exactly what Jordan is — and Jordan was asked about what he thought of where his friend Tiger Woods is in his life right now.

“He’s in a transitional period; we athletes, we go through that,” Jordan said. “Then we have to be adults, we have to make sound decisions. He is, to me, in a very unique situation. Tiger played in his peak somewhere towards the end of my career. And the what changed between that timeframe to now — social media, Twitter, all those types of things that has invaded their personality and their personal times as individuals. I don’t know if I could have survived in this Twitter time where you don’t have the privacy that you would want, and what seems to be very innocent could always be misinterpreted.”

They also talked about the greatest of all-time debate between Jack Nicklaus and Tiger. Jordan said it’s unfair to compare the two.

“First of all, you’re never going to say who’s the greatest of all time,” he said. “To me, I think that’s more for PR and more for selling stories and getting hype. Jack and Tiger never played against each other. They never played in the same tournament. They never played with the same equipment. They never played with the same length of golf course. I never played against Wilt Chamberlain. I never played against Jerry West. To now say that one is greater than the other is being a little bit unfair. I think when you can see the similarities and you understand, this is one way you can judge the tow—how much impact did each change or evolve the game? Obviously Jack won more [majors] during the time he played; Tiger evolved it.”

Woods is still working out and trying to get his game back in shape after undergoing a fourth back surgery in April. He recently started hitting full iron shots.

Also a part of the interview with Jordan, there’s a clip of the former Bulls star talking about his own golf game — his handicap is “a bad 4” he said — and admitting he smokes a half dozen cigars a day. In that same video he dissects the games of golf’s young stars. You can watch that video here.