What happens if the U.S. wins the Presidents Cup on Saturday?

September 29, 2017

Team USA’s dominant performance at the 2017 Presidents Cup has been impressive, as they won eight of the first 10 available points in foursomes and fourball team play on Thursday and Friday. The score currently stands at Team USA: 8, Internationals: 2.

On Saturday, there are eight points at stake in four foursomes and four fourball matches, which are played in the morning and afternoon.

Team USA is only 7.5 points away from clinching this year’s trophy, which means they could theoretically lock up the title on Saturday afternoon, should they manage to win seven of the eight matches and claim a half point in one. The situation is unprecedented, and certainly unlikely, but it would render Sunday’s 12 singles matches obsolete.

So, would they still be played?

In a word: Yes.

“People can rest easy,” said Joel Schuchmann, PGA Tour VP of Communications. “They will still play on Sunday if they clinch tomorrow.”

There are sponsor and television obligations to meet, of course. Not to mention plenty of ticket-holders looking forward to a sun-splashed afternoon at Liberty National. 

So relax, golf fans! Your Sunday entertainment is still booked. Whether the golf will be meaningful remains to be seen.