Meg Mallon acknowledges relationship with fellow Hall of Famer Beth Daniel

September 27, 2017

On Tuesday, the golf world acknowledged Meg Mallon’s storied career inside the ropes, and she in turn acknowledged a major part of her life outside the ropes.

At the World Golf Hall of Fame induction ceremony in New York City, new inductee Mallon used the opportunity to thank the people who had played a crucial part in career. She then pivoted and, for the first time publicly, revealed her long-term relationship with fellow Hall of Famer Beth Daniel.

“Now I want to mention the person who has been with me for the most fulfilling journey of my life, Beth. We are celebrating 25 years together later this year,” Mallon said. “While we have endured challenges along the way, I am so grateful and lucky to have this amazing woman by my side. She has taught me so much.”

She then subtly acknowledged that for some members of the golf media the news came as no surprise, and thanked them for preserving the couple’s privacy over the years.

“A large part of making our journey together easier is the respect the golf media has shown us by not making our relationship headlines,” Mallon said. “We have built a great rapport with the golf media over the years, founded on mutual respect, and they have been for the most part fair and accurate in their coverage.”

Mallon racked up 18 wins on the LPGA tour, including four majors. Daniel, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000, won 33 times.

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