Jordan Spieth admires Tom Brady’s extreme diet, but he’s not ready to try it

September 1, 2017

Jordan Spieth says he’s learned a lot from Tom Brady’s intense game preparation, including the quarterback’s famously strict diet. But Spieth is sticking to meat and potatoes for now.

September in New England means that it’s football season, and as the FedEx Cup Playoffs roll through TPC Boston, top players inevitably face questions about the upcoming action on the gridiron. Spieth shares a lot with Brady: a friendship, an Under Armour sponsorship, and an affinity to win on his sport’s biggest stage.

“It’s cool,” he said of the pair’s relationship at a press conference Thursday. “During the Open Championship we were texting quite a bit and there were some social media posts. I was wearing some of his sleepwear and he was posting that he had matching pajamas on.” #

Pajamas are one thing. As for adopting the Patriots quarterback’s stringent plant-based diet? No carbs, sugars, nightshades, red meat, caffeine, or dairy?

“I’ve tried some of his stuff; I know it’s good for me,” Spieth acknowledged with a grin. “I’m not quite as dialed in on the eating as he is—I don’t think he was when he was my age either.”

Spieth cited the pair’s post-round meal at Augusta National this past spring as evidence of Brady’s diet dedication.

“It’s not just a sell for him,” he said. “He had all this stuff at Augusta, when all of us were just having some wine, steak, potatoes, and he shipped all of his stuff into there to have it as snacks, protein powder and all this stuff.”

The world No. 2, a Cowboys fan, planned to attend New England’s final preseason game on Thursday night, accompanied by Pats fan Justin Thomas. Spieth, Thomas, and Dustin Johnson teed off at 9:15 AM on Friday.

“He’s a tremendous guy to have in your corner,” Spieth said. “When he is rooting for you, I keep using the word energy, but you really do feel like you have something else when you have guys like him on your side.”