WATCH: Boxing fan Rory has plenty to say about the McGregor-Mayweather fight

August 24, 2017

Rory McIlroy is quite the boxing/MMA fan, so of course he has opinions on this weekend’s marquee matchup between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

It was just two years ago at the WGC-Match Play in San Francisco when McIlroy had tickets for the highly touted bout between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. But due to McIlroy knocking out opponents on his own, and a match that was suspended due to darkness, he was stuck watching the fight in the media center instead of in Vegas. (Lee Westwood and Harry Diamond, who has caddied for McIlroy the past two events and will for the remainder of this season, got the tickets instead.)

During his Wednesday press conference at this week’s Northern Trust Open, McIlroy was asked about Saturday’s McGregor-Mayweather fight. McGregor is Irish and he and McIlroy have been spotted hanging out before.

McIlroy, per usual, had plenty to say (and also has a conspiracy theory).

“I’m intrigued,” McIlroy said. “(McGregor) talks a good game. If you just listen to his press conferences and what he says, you would think that this guy, he’s the one with the 50-0 boxing record. It’s amazing. I’m a big admirer of him. He talks about visualization and the law of attraction and all this stuff that he believes in it and he vocalizes it, and he has the courage to say what he thinks. I’m a believer in that stuff, and I’m a big advocate of that. And some of the stuff he does wouldn’t be my cup of tea, but he believes 100 percent in himself and he believes he’s going to go out there on Saturday night and shock the world.

“I’m interested just to see how it all plays out, but I just fear that they do all this trash-talking and they go behind the scenes and they are having a laugh and thinking, ‘I can’t believe we are talking all this public for a ride.'”

McIlroy had plenty more to say. Watch his full response below.