President Trump to spend weekend at Bedminster club, attend U.S. Women’s Open

July 14, 2017

Though it existed as a rumor much of the week, President Trump will spend the weekend at his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., and attend the U.S. Women’s Open.

Trump has spent many weekends at the club this summer, but there was much speculation about this particular weekend; the club is hosting arguably the most important event in women’s professional golf. The president was in Paris Friday morning for Bastille Day, but flew back to the United States and is will head directly to the course upon his arrival in America. He will be the first sitting president to attend the Women’s U.S. Open.

His landing at the course will no doubt cause some congestion, but the USGA has been prepping for it. “We have notified players and fans that additional security measures were put in place as a best practice for the championship through the weekend,” USGA spokesperson Janeen Driscoll said. “We also had to move a parking lot due to the weather, so everyone can expect to add an additional 15-20 minutes to their arrival to the championship today. We are trying to provide the least disruption possible based on all those factors. Our focus remains on the golf course and conducting the championship – and making the cut today.”

Beyond rumors of his arrival at the course—which were all but confirmed by his son Eric’s hints Thursdaydemonstrations in protest of the president are expected to occur around Bedminster this weekend. Stay tuned to for any updates on the event throughout the weekend.