Jack Nicklaus: Tiger has ‘life problems’ now, not ‘golf problems’

June 27, 2017

Jack Nicklaus wants Tiger to get better, but not necessarily so he can return to the golf course.

Nicklaus told USA Today that he hopes Woods can overcome his issues fully. But he cautioned those who believe Tiger’s woes are related to his golf game. “He might come back and play — I think it’d be pretty tough for him, after getting fused, and as many problems as he’s had recently,” he said. “His problems are more life problems than they are golf problems right now.” Nicklaus said he hopes that Woods will use his legacy to help others, saying Woods was a “good kid.”

Woods has undergone four back surgeries since 2014, in addition to a host of other procedures for injuries to his knee, ACL and achilles over the course of his career. His arrest for DUI in late May prompted the star to seek treatment for medication management.

Nicklaus said that he thought it unlikely Woods would be returning to competitive golf any time soon. “He’ll have a very hard time. I don’t know whether Tiger will play much golf anymore,” Nicklaus said. “Whether he plays golf or not, I think he’s got an awful lot to offer the youth of the country and the game itself.”