Kevin Na: Erin Hills video was ‘meant to be funny’

June 15, 2017

Kevin Na might need to work on his comedic timing. An Instagram video he posted earlier this week shows Na examining the unruly fescue rough that lines the fairways at Erin Hills, where the first round of the U.S. Open kicks off today. “Erin Hills is a great design course but the fescue is almost unplayable,” he wrote. Fans criticized him for complaining, and the architects even shot back.

“I think people overreacted with the video. It was meant to be funny,” he told Golf Channel. “I was just trying to show the fans the rough, and what we have inside the ropes, because people don’t get to see that close up… I think if I had laughed about it during the video instead of making it more like the news, I think people would have got a better kick out of it, maybe.”

Erin Hills staff have since cut back some of the fescue on the course after rain caused the grass to lay down. The USGA insisted that the move had nothing to do with players’ public gripes.

Na wants to be sure that no one thinks he was whining about the opportunity to play in the U.S. Open. “The thing that I didn’t like was people made it sound like I don’t enjoy the U.S. Open. I love the U.S. Open. I’m honored to be here, happy to be here,” he said.