WATCH: PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua explains possible move to May for PGA Championship

June 8, 2017

Speculation has been rampant regarding the future timing of the PGA Championship, and PGA of America CEO Pete Bevacqua addressed the situation in a Vimeo video released to PGA of America members.

While Bevacqua concedes that no decision has been made, he revealed that the organization has been mulling its options for four years. One important factor to consider is the impact of the Olympics, which could force a change of date for the PGA Championship every four years anyway, as it did last year, when the PGA Championship was played in July to accommodate the Games in Rio.

Bevacqua notes that over the event’s 99-year history, it has been played in nine of the 12 months of the year, so there’s no reason to be overly attached to an August date.

Bevacqua also revealed that the PGA has already been approached by the PGA Tour about moving the PGA Championship to May if the Players Championship moves to March—something players have already stated they would be in favor of,
according to’s anonymous poll results this year.

Other possible benefits of a move to May include the availability of additional venues, a stronger television market and a more prestigious placement on the schedule as the second major of the year instead of the fourth.

You can watch a video of Bevacqua’s full statement below: 

PGA CEO Pete Bevacqua from PGA of America on Vimeo.