Dave Pelz explains the greatest short game shot of Phil Mickelson’s career

June 2, 2017

Dave Pelz has worked with Phil Mickelson for 14 years now, crafting one of the greatest short games in the history of the game. It’s old stuff for Pelz to watch Mickelson work his magic from a short-sided lie.

The duo’s work together was just one of the topics Pelz discussed on the GOLF.com Podcast this week, so naturally, we asked him for the best short game shot he’s ever seen Mickelson pull off.

“It’s Winged Foot. The 10th hole is a par-3. I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the left-front pin and then looked down to the right-short of the green. It’s 20 or 15 feet below the surface…Phil had just missed the green to the right.

“He had an impossible shot there on a hard-pan lie. Every other player in the tournament that played from there hit it up into the heart of the green and then putted back to the left front…Phil went down there with the 64 (degree) and laid it wide open. He swung out of this shoes and hit the ball—I don’t know—40 yards up…20 yards out. It lands by the pin and just stops dead-still. He goes on to make par.”

This comes with little surprise. Last year, GOLF Magazine asked a number of Tour players—both current and former—for the best shot they’ve ever seen live. It seemed like everyone has a Phil story. Pelz’ story might trump them all, though, as Mickelson added some flavor to the shot afterward.

“He walks over to the side of the fairway on the 11th hole. He says ‘Pelzy, I want to tell you something. I know you saw that shot back on 10. I have this club, that I invented. It’s a 64-degree wedge. Remind me to tell you about it and tell you why it’s so fantastic. I’ll let you in on my secret. He said that with a dead straight face.”

Mickelson, of course, was mocking Pelz, who—as he explained earlier on the podcast—originally brought the 60- and 64-degree wedges to the PGA Tour. Check out the story in the podcast below, starting at the 21:45 mark.