Martin Kaymer implores support for Tiger: ‘Stop being so nasty’

June 2, 2017

Martin Kaymer had a somber request of his social media following Thursday night: stop being so nasty to Tiger Woods.

The two-time major champion, visibly perturbed, posted a two-minute video imploring support for the embattled golfer, whose DUI arrest and subsequently released police video has been making the rounds on the internet.

“He inspired kids, teenagers…he inspired all of us,” Kaymer said. “I find it so nasty that people just kick him while he’s already on the floor. And at the end of the day it’s just using someone else for your own sadness. Yes, he’s in the public eye, he’s in the spotlight a lot so of course people will talk about him, but why being so nasty? Why don’t you try to do the opposite and help him now, the way he inspired us?”

Late Thursday, more video surfaced of Woods in lock-up, struggling to take a breathalyzer test. Those videos followed the release of the Jupiter Police Department’s full dashcam video of the arrest, which surfaced Wednesday night. Many have since rushed to Woods’ defense after seeing those images.

“My wish would be stop being so nasty, try to help,” Kaymer concluded. “We all want to see him be happier and hopefully see him play golf again.”