Davis Love: If Peyton Manning can do it, so can Tiger Woods

May 26, 2017

The road back to professional golf will be a long one for Tiger Woods, but he will not be short on support.

One of Woods’ pals on Tour, Davis Love III, had a similar fusion surgery to repair a disc in his neck years ago, and Love believes Woods can come back from his successfully, according to reporting from Golf Channel’s Rex Hoggard.

“He’s asked about the fusion surgery for years and I told him to talk to Peyton Manning. He’s the one who convinced me,” Love told Hoggard. “If Peyton could do it and come back and get hit, Tiger and I aren’t going to get hit, to watch him play I knew I had to do it.”

According to Hoggard, Love and Woods had discussed the surgery in the past and have talked again since the successful procedure.

“I texted him and asked if the pain went away, and he said it immediately went away,” Love told Hoggard. “I woke up [after the surgery] and literally had tears in my eyes it felt so much better. He told me it was automatic relief.”

As positive a picture that Love’s words can paint, it will still be months before Woods is able to twist his body.