Keegan Bradley on playing with Michael Jordan, Phil and his grind back to the top

May 25, 2017

Keegan Bradley took a circuitous route to the PGA Tour: down the ski slopes of the toughest mountains in the Northeast. When he chose to focus on golf he wound up at St. John’s, not exactly a hotbed of golf talent. But this consummate grinder willed himself onto the Tour and then made one of the more audacious debuts in recent golf history, taking the 2011 PGA Championship as a rookie who wielded an exotic magic wand: a belly-putter.

Over the last couple of season Bradley has been battling to get back to that rarified air, playing through swing changes and the USGA’s anchoring ban. Even as he has failed to win again, Bradley has remained one of the more distinctive figures in the game, with his flashy Air Jordan golf shoes and an endlessly twitchy preshot routine. I caught up with him at the Players to talk about his unlikely journey, and where he goes from here. You can subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes by clicking here, or on Soundcloud by clicking here.

Topics include:

Playing with Phil Mickelson — 1:10
PGA Tour money games — 4:25
His relationship with Michael Jordan — 5:45
The importance of golf shoes — 9:10
The grind he’s been on over the last few seasons — 15:15
PGA Tour weddings — 23:30
His first love (skiing) — 28:00
The PGA Tour cliques in Florida — 32:15
His dust up with Miguel Angel Jimenez — 34:15
What he envies most about Dustin Johnson — 37:02
His relationship with Jason Dufner — 43:15